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Not all snowboards are the same. When choosing the optimal board, besides ability and range of use, the ratio of height to weight is especially relevant. A long snowboard offers more stability and better running characteristics, whereas a short one is easier to manoeuvre and requires less strenght.

BOARDDay 12345+1
Board kids21,-38,-50,-61,-71,-10,-
Set kids26-45,-60,-73,-84,-12,-
Board adults28,-51,-66,-80,-93,-13,-
Set adults36,-64,-84,-102,-118,-16,-
BOOTSDay 12345+1
Up to size 359,-17,-25,-33,-41,-8,-
From 3512,-22,-32,-42,-51,-9,-

Freestyle, Freeride or All-Mountain? The choice of the right board depends on body, ability and area of use. Every riding style is different.

We listen to your individual needs.


The All-Mountain Board

Whether on the slope or off-piste, the all-mountain ski is a good choice. The longer – we recommend your body height – and wider the ski, the more lift you have in powder snow. The rocker (bend up fronts and/or backs) increases the turning ability and makes it easier to navigate in powder snow. 


Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots are available in two types, hard boots similar to skiing boots with which the pressure is optimally transferred to the edges of the board and soft boots, which are slightly softer and offer a more pleasant wearing comfort.

A place to stay. Come and visit us at the ski rental shop in Bad Mitterndorf. 

If you have any questions – before and after skiing – our team will be happy to assist you. 

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