Alpine skiing

Ready to take on any slope.

Alpine skiing set from €23,- per day.

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Alpine skiing

 Ready to take on any slope.

The right choice of ski depends on your skills and your needs. From the all-round ski for beginners, which forgives occasional mistakes, to the athletic top ski for pros or the special ski for powder snow, off-piste and parks. 

up to size 99 cm16,-28,-36,-44,-52,-8,-
109 – 135 cm23,-38,-49,-58,-68,-9,-
from 138 cm26,-45,-59,-71,-82,-11,-
top ski33,-60,-84,-105,-123,-18,-
BOOTSTag 12345+1
up to size 358,-15,-21,-27,-33,-6,-
from size 3512,-21,-31,-40,-49,-9,-

SETTag 12345+1
up to 99 cm22,-40,-51,-60,-69,-9,-
100 – 135 cm28,-46,-59,-71,-81,-10,-
from 138cm32,-50,-69,-83,-96,-13,-
TOP SKI40,-72,-93,-113,-133,-20,-
Skiing poles6,-

The length of the skis is especially important for the first attempts at skiing. With the right ski it simply makes more fun. And if you feel joy, you stick with it.

We are happy to help you.


The all-round ski

As an easy to handle carving ski, the all-round ski is the ski you can rely on. Suitable for beginners as well as the athletic hobby skier, it can be maneuvered easily and forgives small mistakes. For beginners we recommend a shorter ski length, between chest and shoulder height. 


The top ski

Our top skis are the perfect mix of all-round, all-mountain, slalom and race ski – the sportive alternative for ambitious skiers who enjoy riding at medium to high speed. The professional all-rounder for a great skiing experience.


The children’s ski

Skis for children are smaller and lighter and for beginners should reach at least up to the armpit. As children are often beginners, it is important to choose equipment that is fun and easy to use. With improved skills, skis can also be longer, as they offer more stability and smoothness at higher speeds. 


The All-Mountain Ski

Whether on the slope or off-piste, the all-mountain ski is a good choice. The longer – we recommend your body height – and wider the ski, the more lift you have in powder snow. The rocker (Bend up fronts and/or backs) increases the turning ability and makes it easier to navigate in powder snow. 

A place to stay. Come and visit us at the ski rental shop in Bad Mitterndorf. 

If you have any questions – before and after skiing – our team will be happy to assist you. 

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